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Early Breach Detection. Automated.

catch attackers

First to be accredited by Singapore's IMDA in Early Breach Detection. IMDA Accreditation

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Security prevention is no longer enough

firewalls are no longer enough

Prevention technology such as firewalls and antivirus are important, but they are no longer sufficient to stop the sophisticated attacker.

attacker hidden inside network

Attackers are able to hide inside the network for months.

insidersecurity monitor catches attacker

InsiderSecurity Monitor is designed to catch these attackers early.

Detect early and prevent a large data loss

Monitor specialises in detecting the cyber breach early, so as to minimise or even prevent the data loss.

It is automated cyber security monitoring that catches the hidden attacker in your network.

stop attackers

Avoid the worst case where your customers learn of a breach before you do.

do early damage control

Gives you the power to do early damage control before any serious damage is done.

no additional security staff needed

Its automated.
No need to get additional cyber security staff to use it.

Users who trust InsiderSecurity Monitor
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InsiderSecurity Monitor automated monitoring saves us effort and money. We don't have to build or outsource a large IT security team.

Most important of all, we get to sleep better at night.

Jeremy Lee

Jeremy Lee of SRX

InsiderSecurity Monitor has made it very easy for us to monitor our network traffic, removing the need to laboriously dig through results. It also gives us the assurance that the websites are well protected.

The team has been working very hard to ensure that all our security needs have been met. Well done and thank you InsiderSecurity!

Tan Jinglun
IT Director, sgCarMart

Tan Jinglun of sgCarMart

Made in Singapore

Monitor is an award-winning technology designed by a Singaporean team with deep expertise in cybersecurity.

We build cutting-edge cyber security to support our customers’ business, and we care about cybersecurity in our community.

Meet some of us.

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kin siong
Kin Siong
jia ying
Jia Ying
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Min Oo
wang cong
Wang Cong

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