InsiderSecurity Monitor specialises in detecting the cyber breach early,
so as to minimise or even prevent the data loss.

Save thousands of man-hours

No more tedious monitoring or going through tons of false positives. Let our automated cyber algorithms do the hard work. 

Check your blindspots

Monitor’s advanced cyber sensors provides the highest visibility needed to catch today’s attackers. Monitor catches threats that evade firewalls and antivirus.

Avoid the worst case scenario

Monitor is designed for early breach detection. We help you to avoid the worst case scenario where your customers learn of a breach before you do.

Trusted experts

InsiderSecurity is made-in-Singapore, by Singaporean cybersecurity experts with decades of expertise.


Try It Now

InsiderSecurity Monitor is 100% made in Singapore, and has been tested and accredited by IMDA for deployment in government and enterprises.

Contact us and stop the breach before it’s too late!

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