A Singapore Story

InsiderSecurity is a Singaporean cybersecurity deep tech company, built by Singaporean cyber experts with decades of deep cyber expertise. Our people have even been included in the ASEAN 40 under 40 List, for our innovative cybersecurity work. 

Since 2015, we have been building cutting-edge cybersecurity to support our customers’ businesses. Along the way, we have won awards, are regularly featured in the news, and became the first to be accreditated by IMDA for cybersecurity behaviour analytics. 

Meet some of our InsiderSecurity folks who are passionate about securing cybersecurity for our users.

Kin Siong
Jia Ying
Min Oo
Wang Cong

Why we started InsiderSecurity

There are many cybersecurity problems today that are not well addressed by existing tools and solutions.

For example, today’s hackers are able to regularly breach the IT networks of institutions and companies. Once inside the network, these hackers roam about or “pivot” to high-value systems that house your valuable data. In some cases, it can take months or even years before suspicious activity is picked up.

Moreover, hackers are not just coming from the outside; we have also seen cases where the attacker is from the company—a disgruntled or bribed employee, or a third-party vendor who has access to the company network.

We decided to do something about it. The result is InsiderSecurity.


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InsiderSecurity Monitor is 100% made in Singapore, and has been tested and accredited by IMDA for deployment in government and enterprises.

Contact us and stop the breach before it’s too late!

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