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Discover the Internal Threat
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InsiderSecurity develops award-winning, advanced cybersecurity technology to support our customers’ businesses.

For years, we have protected large enterprises and government against internal threats.

Accredited by Singapore's IMDA in cybersecurity behaviour analytics, our AI-driven solutions provide early-warning of cyber threats inside critical infrastructures, before there is any serious data loss.

Awards and Featured in Media

Awards and Featured in Media

A Singapore Story

We have been building cutting-edge cybersecurity products since 2015. Today our award-winning cybersecurity innovations help users save thousands of hours in tedious security monitoring and analysis.

Our sophisticated, automated algorithms look for potential cyber-attacks and malicious user activity even at the database — way before a serious data loss or security breach happens.

Along the way, we have won awards and our people became listed in the ZICO ASEAN 40 under 40 List for outstanding cybersecurity efforts.

Evaluated and accredited by the IMDA to have met its high standards for deployment in large enterprises and government.

InsiderSecurity is 100% made in Singapore.

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