Why Early Breach Detection?

Security prevention is no longer enough

Prevention technology such as firewalls and antivirus are important, but they are no longer sufficient to stop the sophisticated attacker.

Attackers are able to hide inside the network for months.

InsiderSecurity Monitor is designed to catch these attackers early.

This is why we built InsiderSecurity Monitor ....

Early detection of cyber intrusions

On average, it takes more than 6 months to discover that hackers are inside your network! In some cases, attackers stay hidden for years in the network, while siphoning data stealthily. The hackers take their time to understand your business processes, find out where your critical data is located and find ways to access them.

InsiderSecurity Monitor detects these intrusions early, so that there is minimal or no damage done to your data or business reputation.

Catch attackers inside your network

Today’s attackers are regularly breaching the network perimeter and getting inside the network. Recent victims include Target and JP Morgan Chase Bank. Once attackers gain a foothold in your network, they move around or “pivot” to higher value targets like your databases. Firewalls and anti-virus are not enough to detect and stop these attacks. 

InsiderSecurity Monitor  deploys sensors at critical parts of your network, and sophisticated automated algorithms to catch attackers inside the network.

Detect data theft

Traditional ways to protect your data like encryption and password protection are no longer enough to fight today’s sophisticated hackers. They can easily steal credentials and find ways to directly access your decrypted data. InsiderSecurity Monitor uses machine learning and automated algorithms to analyse patterns in your network and detect unusual data downloads and even uploads.

Detect insider attacks

Hidden hackers do not necessarily come only from the outside; they might just be within your company—a disgruntled or bribed employee, or a third-party vendor with access to your network. This attacker may steal your data (before joining your business rival) or sabotage your IT systems. InsiderSecurity’s award-winning algorithms look for such insider attacks.


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InsiderSecurity Monitor is 100% made in Singapore, and has been tested and accredited by IMDA for deployment in government and enterprises.

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