How InsiderSecurity Monitor Works

Automated Algorithms

We use sophisticated, automated algorithms to look for cyber attacks in your network. We process more than 4 billion events a month today.

Our advanced algorithms process your network data.

Advanced Sensors

The use of advanced sensors inside your network let us catch attackers who have breached your perimeter. Our sensors can even automatically block certain threats.

Cloud or On-Premise

Our algorithms run in the cloud. Our sensors send data to the cloud encrypted, and each customer's data is processed in its own secure, isolated silo.

For extra security, we can also run our algorithms completely within your network.

Web Console

When an intrusion is detected, you will get a security alert.

For customers who like to be more hands-on, and see what's happening, we provide a web console. This web console is also useful when an intrusion is detected, and you need the details for a forensic investigation.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started


We install our advanced sensors in your network and servers. We crunch the data in the cloud or on-premise.

Get reports and alerts

No configuration or tools to learn. Start receiving our regular reports and security alerts.

Have a cup of coffee

Did we mention that that there are no tools to learn?

Just sit back, have a cup of coffee, and start working on the really important things while we take care of security monitoring.