Because we use sophisticated, automated algorithms, our customers enjoy large savings in manpower costs.

Our pricing depends on the number of InsiderSecurity sensors needed.

InsiderSecurity sensors are installed in your servers (eg web server, database server etc) or at critical parts of your network. InsiderSecurity sensors are not needed in your users’ personal computers.


  • 24/7 monitoring by sophisticated, automated algorithms
  • Email alerts and regular reports
  • Powerful web console for real-time data and forensic evidence
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A company has 200 employees, 5 servers and a network router. 6 InsiderSecurity sensors are deployed for the 5 servers and the router.

The company gets the equivalent cyber protection of an entire security team, but at a fraction of the manpower costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

To catch attackers who have breached the network firewalls and have gotten inside your internal network, sensors are needed on all important servers and critical network switches/routers.
Our sensors support both Linux and Windows servers. We are able to customize our sensor for other operating systems.
An InsiderSecurity sensor on your server gives the best security protection, as it provides the highest visibility to your traffic and applications. It is also the easiest to setup. The sensor can even do automatic blocking of certain threats.

However, we understand that some servers are highly locked-down. In such a case, we can process forwarded logs. This is a bit more troublesome to setup, but you can still get a much higher level of security protection than what you have currently. Talk to us :)

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