Automated UEBA

(User and Entity
Behaviour Analytics)

Detect malicious user activity early in your
on-premise or cloud infrastructure.

Why Automated UEBA?

With today’s sophisticated hackers, a cyber breach has become a matter of when, not if. Hackers can get inside your IT infrastructure despite the best defenses. 
It becomes essential to monitor for malicious user activity inside the infrastructure, so that you can know as early as possible when a hacker had gotten in. Early detection allows you to take action early, to avoid the data loss and public relations disaster.
With its machine learning and advanced user behavior analytics, Automated UEBA provides early detection of hijacked accounts, insider threats, compromised servers and more. 

Detect Threats


Hijacked user accounts or machines

Insider Threat

Disgruntled employees who steal data

Compromised Servers

Hackers installed backdoors in servers

Success Cases in Customers

Compromised Privileged Account

Automated UEBA reported a suspicious privileged account automatically. There were behavior anomalies in the account’s activities, and the account is behaving similar to what an attacker would do.

Early detection enabled the customer to investigate early and prevent any serious damage.

Data Theft by Insider Threat

Automated UEBA automatically reported a suspicious data transfer between a file repository and an employee’s machine. This is due to behavior anomalies in the file access, and unusual network traffic.

The customer is able to investigate the employee before there is a large data loss.

Backdoor Traffic

Automated UEBA analyses network traffic for backdoor and malware communication.


Stop Internal Threats

Discover insider threats and hijacked accounts that would otherwise go undetected


Detect automatically and
save on manpower

Advanced Sensors

Provides visibility
needed to catch APTs

Proven Solution

Deployed by large enterprises and government

Evaluated and accredited by the IMDA to have met its high standards for deployment in large enterprises and government.

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