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Detect malicious user activity
Microsoft 365 early

Securing Microsoft 365

Cloud Security Monitor is a simple-to-use SaaS for enterprises to monitor their data security in Microsoft 365. Discover the internal threat very early, before there is any serious data loss.

With its award-winning automated cybersecurity analytics and machine-learning, Cloud Security Monitor makes sense of the high volume of Microsoft 365 activity events, so that you do not have to. Finally, an easy way to monitor your Microsoft 365 data security.

Monitor for compromised Microsoft 365 accounts

Discover if any of your Microsoft 365 accounts are compromised and whether a hacker is accessing your company data and emails.

Monitor for insider threats and suspicious data access

Discover if there is a insider threat or hacker stealing valuable company data from Sharepoint or OneDrive

Monitor for documents shared to public by accident

Smart algorithms automatically discover if your files are accidentally left exposed.

Easy-to-read summary reports, instead of alerts

Monitor your cloud security health with easy-to-read summary reports, without the need to manually go through a high volume of events or alerts. Smart algorithms automatically uncover suspicious activities, and classify user accounts into low, medium or high risk.

Get notified when there is high risk activity

With smart algorithms making sense of activity events, you only get alerted when there is high risk activity, so that you do get swamped by alerts.

Support for 24-mths log storage compliance

For companies that need it, the enterprise edition provides 24 months storage for Microsoft 365 log events, so as to meet compliance.

How is Cloud Security Monitor different?

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Cloud Security Monitor Use Cases

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