Database Activity Monitor

Detect Unauthorized Access
to Your Data

What Database Activity Monitor Does for You?

As data security becomes more and more complex and multi-faceted, protecting all types of data from growing threats across diverse on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud environment can be a daunting task.

Now, state-of-the-art AI-driven and automated Insider Security Monitor – Database Monitoring solution offers a robust real-time data activity monitoring and cognitive analytics that automatically discovers unusual activity around sensitive data. It protects against unauthorized data access by learning normal user access patterns and provides alerts on suspicious activities. The product provides visibility on data activity across all major databases. 

Detects Suspicious Activities

Unusual account login behaviour

Risky administrator commands

Suspicious SQL commands

Unusual data access

Suspicious failed queries

Malicious network traffic in the server,
beyond database traffic

Threat Scenarios

Database account
credentials has been
leaked or stolen

Database is
accidentally left
exposed to the internet

Insider threat


application that uses
the database

Backdoor installed
in the database


Suspicious Database
administrator activity

Suspicious data
access in the database

Unusual network activity
in the database server

Monitor does not require rules to be written/maintained, and significantly reduces the need for manual monitoring and analysis. This enables earlier and greater threat detection.

On-premise Database

Cloud database-as-a-service

Evaluated and accredited by the IMDA to have met its high standards for deployment in large enterprises and government.

InsiderSecurity is 100% made in Singapore.

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